Chicken Kailan Stir-Fry with Honey Roasted Cashews

I've recently developed a love for kailan. I used to pick at the leaves, and leave all the stems behind, but now, late in my adult life, I find crunching on the stems incredibly satisfying.

Known as 'Chinese kale' in the western hemisphere, this leafy green is hardy and versatile. You can boil it, roast it, fry it, and pair it with just about everything. One of my favourite ways to eat it is in a stir-fry, quick and easy to whip up and can be varied in a million ways. Here, I added carrots and shitakes for colour, because #eattherainbow, and sprinkled a bunch of Korean honey roasted cashews for a little sweet crunch.

Ingredients (feeds 2):
250gm Hongkong kailan, leaves separated from the stems which are cut into thin strips
1 large carrot, shredded
300gm chicken fillet, diced into 1" cubes and marinated in tare (Japanese soy-based marinade)
15 shitake mushrooms, sliced
5 cloves garlic, minced
2 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp canola oil
2 tbsp light soy sauce
2 dashes of fish sauce
dash of white ground pepper
1/2 cup honey roasted cashews
sesame seeds for garnishing

1) Fry garlic in sesame-canola oil on medium heat until fragrant, about 35 seconds.

2) Add kailan stems and toss, about 2 minutes.

3) Increase heat to high, add kailan leaves, and fry till just wilted, about 1 minute.

4) Add carrots, and toss through till just softened, about 2.5 minutes.

5) Add mushrooms, toss through, about 3 minutes.

6) Add chicken, pepper, soy and fish sauce, stir through until cooked, about 3 minutes. 

7) Add cashews to heat through just before serving. Garnish with sesame seeds.

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