Roasted Peppers Pasta Salad with Charcuterie

I love charcuterie, and to make it a little less unhealthy, and a lot more nutritious, I thought I'll add the lot to chunk up a pasta salad with lots of greens. Here's a quick and easy recipe for a one-plate meal.

Ingredients (feeds 2):
2 cups rotini pasta
2 cups roasted coloured peppers
3 tbsp-heap sundried tomato pesto
4 tbsp EVOO
charcuterie, I used a mix of prosciutto, coppa and salami here
250gm arugula leaves
handful fresh basil leaves

1) Toss roasted peppers with extra virgin olive oil and pesto.

2) Boil pasta in salted water till 1 minute before cooking instructions for al dente. Drain into cool water and toss with pesto-peppers-EVOO mixture.

3) Assemble salad, starting with the arugula and basil, followed by the pasta-peppers-pesto medley, and finished with as much chacuterie as you like.

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