Room Service, Intercontinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort

We quite enjoyed room service at the Intercontinental Danang. The food was hearty, rustic, and full of fresh, herby flavours. We found ourselves making repeated orders to the butler, so much so he actually remembered, by the second day of our stay, to hold off the parsley/cilantro/coriander leaves/spring onions in all our orders. The room service menu was pretty extensive, but we stuck mostly to the Vietnamese selection, which turned out much better than their western counterparts.

We liked the Prawn & Pork Spring Rolls (VND310,000), meaty, juicy and coarsely-textured, and given  a lift with a Vietnamese pickled chilli.

The Chinese-inspired Beef Luc Lac (VND380,000) of wok-seared beef with coloured peppers, onions, and garlic was robust with a tomato-tinged oyster sauce gravy. Great for slathering over white rice. 

The Braised Pork Belly Claypot (VND380,000), heady with star anise, cinnamon, ginger, shallots and enlivened with purple basil was decadently melty.

The Seafood Noodles (VND380,000) of egg noodles tossed with capsicum, mushrooms, and seasoned with soy sauce and chilli was commendable. Not a star dish but comforting flavours.

The Northern Style Pho (VND290,000) with chicken was delicate, but rich in depth of flavour. Fresh herbs, lime, cut chillis and crisp beansprouts lent levity.

A must-try, the Bun Bo Hue (VND290,000) was loaded with pork hock, herbs, chilli, and lemongrass. This was spicy and punchy but light and fresh. We had thirds of this.

The Fish & Chips (VND520,000), comprising a slab of battered barramundi, and a handful of fat chips, was sided by a piquant green mango salsa and lime. This wasn't bad, but it was forgettably stodgy.

The Chicken Wings (VND280,000) were skinny, but nicely steeped in a mildly spicy tamarind marinade.

Local Larue beer, courtesy of the room's complimentary bar selection, was wonderfully refreshing to wash down the wings with.

Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort
Bai Bac, Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang Vietnam

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