PS Cafe, Ann Siang Hill

Remember how I initially said that P.S. Cafe is overrated? Which I reaffirmed a year later. But then I discovered their stellar pizzas at its Tiong Bahru outlet, which prompted me to give the insanely popular restaurant group another shot.

I've now done an about-turn, and I'll totally admit this: We love PS Cafe. We frequent their Ann Siang Hill bistro, which is our favourite of the lot. It has the most extensive menu, which includes their amazing Asian selection a la Chopsuey Cafe (but without the over-enthused inclusion of parsley in every.fricking.thing), and their service is actually attentive (our water glasses get refilled), unlike the harried staff at its Dempsey outlet (we got no water at all throughout the 2 hours we were there having dessert).

Also, I love its buzzy corporate vibe on the weekdays, which eases into a more relaxed casual ambience on the weekends. A bonus for crowd-averse peeps like us: this is probably the least crowded PS Cafe on the weekends.

We love that their grub, in particular the sandwiches and beef pie, are consistently delicious, hearty, and unpretentious. We've also taken away their stuff on multiple occasions, and are happy to report that their food travels well.

A must-try, the Croque Madame ($26) was a rustic sandwich of smoked ham, and montreux gruyere melted between thick slices of crusty bread, finished with a crisp fried egg.

A regular order of ours, the Chicken Parmigiano ($29) of moist chicken breast grilled to a smoky perfecton, was blanketed with wilted spinach, oozy mozzarella, and a chunky tomato sauce speckled with garlic ciabatta croutons. A slow-roasted roma tomato, oodles of kale mesclun, and a grilled lemon lent themselves well for a piquant contrast.

The Hubs favourite dish at PS Cafe, the Beef Burgundy Pie ($29) was sumptuous. Melty hunks of beef were slow-braised with red wine and portobellos, topped with a puff pastry, and sided by buttery mashed potatoes, and roasted spring vegetables glazed with balsamic.

Even if you've no tummy space, the Giant Salted Caramel Profiterole ($15) was the type of worthwhile dessert that makes your inevitable bursting-of-pants totally worthwhile. This was potent, a nuanced sweet-salty balance, and so.damn.delicious.

P.S. Cafe
45 Ann Siang Road
Tel: 9797 0648
Open Mondays to Thursdays from 11.30am to 11pm;
Fridays 11.30am to 1am;
Saturdays from 9.30am to 1am;
Sundays from 9.30am to 11pm
Website: www.pscafe.com

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