Sanpoutei Ramen, Shaw House Lido

My Hubs, the complain queen, claims that I never bring him to the restaurants featured on this blog. And while many a review were eaten with friends (because I have a life outside of my role as a wife), the majority of the meals here were partaken with the Hubs. Except the discovery of Sanpoutei Ramen with Lips. Or the girls' only night out at Chang Korean after that. Or Steffy's birthday lunch at The White Rabbit. Or Li Bai with the team. Ok......so maybe the Hubs makes a fair point. heh...oh well!!

In any event, I brought the Hubs to the Orchard branch of Sanpoutei Ramen, after my outstanding dinner at its Holland Village outlet. I figure I'll act as a quality control of sorts...weed out the crap, and only bring his royal highness to the actually worthwhile ones.

I love Sanpoutei. The broths are rich but balanced, the toppings exceptional, and noodles delightfully springy. Located just outside Isetan Supermarket, this Orchard locale of Sanpoutei Ramen is small and cramped, but the kitchen churns out food speedily, so turnover is high. If you're averse to queuing (like us), eat at an off-peak time, there should be table availability then.

The chicken broth-based ramen are must-tries at Sanpoutei, and the non-spicy Rich Tori Miso ($17) topped with 2 slices of thick charred chashu, minced chicken, marinated soft-boiled egg, stewed cabbage, and bamboo shoot, hit the bullseye on the comfort button.

The much-touted Tsukemen ($16) was fantastic as well, blanched noodles sided by a dipping soup thick in sardine and bonito umami-ness. This can be watered down with plain wari soup, for slurping straight from the bowl.

I wasn't a fan of the Oden ($11.80), kelp soup spiked with a dollop of mustard and loaded with boiled egg, daikon, fish cakes, konjac, and mochi kinchaku. It wasn't awful, but as a matter of personal preference, I didn't like the combination of kelp and shoyu flavours.

Sanpoutei Ramen
350 Orchard Road #B1-04/05
Shaw House Lido
Tel: 6836 4644
Open daily from 11.30am to 11pm
Website: sanpoutei.sg


Seok said...

How does High Royal Highness rate the ramen here? Going for the first time tonight. Your post is so cute

Bern said...

He loves it! And he's so carb-averse these days (he thinks he's getting fat) so that's pretty high praise. Stick to the rich tori flavoured broths, and the mazesoba one. And get the edamame too!!

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