Hua Ting Steamboat

We'd passed by Hua Ting Steamboat when we had dinner at The Peranakan, and made a mental note to dine in the restaurant another time. A new-ish concept by Cantonese stalwart Hua Ting at Orchard Hotel annexed to Claymore Connect, Hua Ting Steamboat serves up a worthwhile hotpot. The range of stock may be limited, but they're creative and unique; and while the soup bases are watery, there's nuance and depth of flavour, so there's little need for the array of dipping sauces. Ingredients here are of the premium sort, and are sparkling fresh, so expect a correspondingly upscale pricetag. 

We had the Yuan Yang Soup ($26) of a milky, collagen-boosting Sharks Bone Cartilage base, sweetened with red dates and wolfberries, and contrasted with fresh leek and beancurd skin sheets; and the Tomato Soup, sans parsley, delicate and more tangy than Hai Di Lao's version.

Good on its own as a snack, the Crispy Fish Skin ($4) was also yummy dipped in chilli sauce or softened in the soup.

The 'Stuffed Bean Curd Skin with Salted Egg Yolk' ($6) was a bit of a misnomer. The salted egg yolk was so scant it shouldn't have been named "stuffed". On the upside: less cholesterol!!

The Kurobuta Pork ($6), fresh and beautifully marbled, was luscious.

Ditto for the Sliced US Angus Beef ($12) which fatty marbling cut through the full-bodied heft of the meat.

I loved the clean and clear flavour of the Australian Sea Scallops ($14). Just be sure not to overcook it.

We'd left the Sliced Grouper ($13) bubbling in the pot and forgotten about them, so it turned out tough and rubbery.

Half of the Four Fortune Ball ($10) were unfortunately laced with parsley. They were delicious otherwise, possessing a delightfully bouncy and chunky texture.

I liked the pairing of the Bamboo Pith Enoki ($8).

The fish paste Stuffed Beancurd Puff ($7) was also full of parsley, so we scraped the fish paste clean off the beancurd.

Shitake Mushrooms ($4) lent a lovely woody accent to the soup.

A staple order of mine, the Deep Fried Yam ($3) soaked up the soups wonderfully.

The assortment of Condiments ($3 per person) were varied, and I particularly liked the freshly fried shallots and the chilli sauce.

Hua Ting Steamboat
442 Orchard Road
Claymore Connect Mezzanine Level #01-08
Tel: 6739 6628
Open daily from 11am to 2.30pm for lunch; 5.30pm to 10.30pm for dinner

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