Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Until a couple of months ago, I've never had brussels sprouts; I'd thought that they were just greener cousins of artichokes, which I hate.

Then that fabulous tabbouleh at Artichoke changed everything, the nutty buttery notes of the charred greens were so addicting. And I discovered how easy it was to cook them. A big bonus: brussels sprouts are deliciously healthy. I now find myself whipping up these vegetables for supper most nights. It sure beats pigging out on lard-laden Hokkien mee in the dead of night and then being guilt-ridden all through the day after.

These are the most basic of recipes for cooking brussels sprouts, which you can vary a million ways. Like cauliflower, they take a similar flavouring profile, so crisped bacon, garlic butter, or dukkah/dukka will pair beautifully with these roasted greens.

Brussels sprouts
Really good extra virgin olive oil

1) Prep the brussels sprouts, you can leave them whole, with the tough ends trimmed off, and a small cross-incision cut into it. Toss with however much olive oil you want, and salt to season.

2) Or you can halve the brussels sprouts, with the tough ends cut off in a v-shape.

3) Pop it into the oven at 200C for 30-45 minutes, turning them over at the mid-way point for even charring.

4) Ready to serve, sprinkle with more salt as needed.

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