Folks Collective, Asia Square

For some reason, I was under the impression that Folks Collective was just another hipster coffee joint. You know, one of those industrial chic cafes with more style than substance.

Turns out, the replacement tenant of La Cantine at Asia Square is actually a contemporary Thai bistro. It's regularly packed with lots of expat-types, so unexpectedly, spice levels are watered down. That said, the food is fairly decent, and price points are sufficiently competitive to keep the restaurant a popular haunt with the CBD lunch crowd.

I liked the sun-dried Pork Strips ($10.90) luscious and redolent with garlic and kaffir lime, and served with a piquant chilli fish sauce. 

The roasted Lemongrass Chicken ($14.90) had an aromatic marinade, but it hadn't had time to steep into the meat. The breast meat was a smidge dry-ish, but the thigh segments were juicy enough.

The Tom Yum Potaek Chicken ($10.90), a Thai classic spicy and sour clear broth, was fragrant and possessed a bright tang, but lacking in heat.

A must-try, the Olive Fried Rice with Chicken ($12.90) was sumptuous, a harmonious symphony of salty olives and eggy elements. 

Folks Collective
8 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 1
Open Mondays to Fridays from 11am to 11pm
Website: www.folkscollective.com

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