Zest, Conrad Koh Samui

Zest is the in-house buffet restaurant at Conrad Koh Samui. For a resort this remote, it's surprisingly bustling. While the buffet selection was abysmal, the ala minute fare was commendable, and the eggs were far better compared to The Edge.

I liked the fusion of Thai flavours into eggy classics; think spicy curries slopped on poached eggs, so where possible, drench eggs, potatoes, bread, and the like, in any of their curries. It's the magic sauce that makes everything so much better than it was.

The Thai Egg Benedict was our favourite of the lot, with creamy paneang curry slathered over poached eggs with pork floss wedged in-between.

The Eggs Florentine with spinach was nicely done, but a tad heavy on the hollandaise.

From the eggs and pancakes live station...

You get Scrambled Eggs, with peppers, corn and ham; this was also well done, fluffy and moist.

The Omelette, with all the fixings - peppers, cheese, and ham.

Eggs Sunny Side, fittingly runny.

Waffle - drizzled with excellent maple syrup

Pancake - dusted with icing sugar and zigzagged with chocolate sauce

Noodles Live Station

The bao-ga-liao version, with cabbage, meatballs, sliced pork and minced pork, dunked in a lovely robust broth.

The curated minced pork balls and kailan version

Porridge - give this bland blend a miss

Green curry chicken - punchy and heady, fantastic stuff

Stir-fried pork with peppers and steamed white rice - despite its mussed-up look, it had a homecooked appeal

Rosti - ask for this to be freshly made, it's much better than what's left out in the buffet

Bread and pastries - mostly mediocre, save for the somewhat passable fruit danishes

Charcuterie - generic turkey ham and pork bolongna

Salami and Chicken Bolongna

Pass on the cheese (cheddar, edam, emmental) platter too, these weren't very good. Or they'd been left out too long.

Roasted ham and bacon - pedestrian

Pork sausages - love its chunky texture and beautiful charring

Sushi hors d'oeuvres - unimpressive

Mackerel in tomato sauce- cause of death: drowning by mayo

Fruit salsas and compotes, muesli and yoghurt with a selection of luxury olive oils and flavoured salts

Salad station - unremarkable

Fruit Juices- freshly squeezed and scrumptious

The small-ish but sunlit restaurant interiors, the tables facing the floor-to-ceiling glass panels are the best in the house

Alfresco-lovers who appreciate being tanned while at breakfast would probably prefer these tables on the outdoor terrace instead.

Conrad Koh Samui
Open daily from 6pm to 11pm

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