Gordon Grill

Gordon Grill, like the iconic Goodwood Park Hotel where it is resident, is an institution of sorts. Serving up grilled meats and seafood for over five decades, the continental steak restaurant is classic and stately, if a bit dated.

And like an antiquated monument that's well-preserved, the food was decent, but generally uninspired, compounded by its uncompetitive pricing. At about 200 per person, dinner should have blown us away. It was, in large part, caused by the unfortunate serving mistake that resulted in our steaks getting swopped. The Hubs, who'd ordered the USDA Black Angus ribeye, got served the Australian wagyu ribeye instead, while Addie, got the Hubs' order. That being said, the starters and sides were generally superb, reflecting a nuanced, contemporary finesse. 

Chef Gan's Appetizer Platter ($48) was a sampling quartet of their signature starters.

The refreshing Cold Capellini Pasta, was tossed in an aromatic truffle vinaigrette, and garnished with alaskan crab, prawn, and caviar.

The Japanese-influenced Salmon Tartar bore lively sesame overtones, juxtaposed against peppery fricasse.

The Pan-fried Foie Gras was sumptuous and meltingly good, complemented by soft caramelized nuts.

A succulent Pan-Seared Hokkaido Scallop, swaddled in a shaved iberico jabuco, was perched on morel jus and sided by a grilled asparagus and truffle.

We also got the Trio du Soupe ($19), 3 dainty teacups of their most popular soups.

The French Onion Soup with a floating potato patty was oversalted, but had nice depth of flavour.

The Capuccino of Fresh Mushroom was exquisite, velvety and comforting.

The Lobster Bisque seasoned with tarragon and cognac was incredibly decadent, so it was a good thing that this was petite.

The Creek Stone USDA Black Angus Ribeye ($84 at $2.80 per 10gm) corn-fed and aged 28 days, medium doneness, was hearty and full-bodied.

The grain-fed Australian Sher 'Black Label' Wagyu MBS 8-9 Ribeye ($110.40 at $4.80 per 10gm) was fatty and meltingly tender, but it was unevenly salted.

The grain-fed Australian Sher 'Silver Label' Wagyu MBS 6-7 Fillet ($57.60 at $4.80 per 10gm) was a wee little piece, perfectly sized for a scrumptious bite.

The Sauteed Portobello Mushrooms ($10) splashed with copious lashings of white wine was caramelized with sweet onions.

The Sauteed Spinach ($9), was obligatory but fantastic in its simplicity. 

The golden glazed Lyonnaise Potatoes ($10) was imbued with the smoky saltiness of bacon and sinfully buttery.

For the ribeye mix-up, we were comp-ed the Assiette of Desserts ($22 usual price), a tasting sampler of confectionery.

The Hazelnut and Lemon Sour Cream Parfait, with cocoa sorbet and vanilla biscotti was well-balanced, both in texture and flavour.

The Mango Cheese Gateau with wild berry ice-cream was nuanced and silky.

The best of the lot was the intensely tart Calamansi Creme Brulee topped with a granny smith apple sorbet.

Weakest of the lot, the Caramelized Banana Crumble with milk jam, pineapple and coconut sorbet was just so very bleh and inspid.

The Bread Basket was commendable, served warm, and delectably fluffy and crusty.

The bread was married with the amuse bouche of Pork Rilette.

Red meat isn't complete with a bottle of red, and we opted for the Thorn Clarke Milton Park Australia Shiraz 2013 ($80), vibrant and light, with plummy notes contrasted with sweetly spiced accents.

Gordon Grill
Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Tel: 6730 1744
Open daily from 12noon to 2.30pm for lunch; 7pm to 10.30pm for dinner

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