The Handburger, The Soup Spoon Union @ Raffles City

The Handburger is part of 3 restaurant concepts under 1 roof at the Soup Spoon Union. It's a semi-self-serviced joint where you queue up, supermarket checkout-style, to place your orders and make payment, then find a table and sit yourself, cafeteria-style, where the skeleton crew serves your orders.

I'd heard good things about their gourmet burgers, and was on the lookout for a worthy successor to &Made after burger maestro Bruno Menard ceased his collaboration with the Pacific Plaza burger bistro.

While the selection of burgers is decidedly limited (they offer up up to 3 variants each of the poultry, game and seafood burgers), The Handburger does excel where it counts. The beef-centric burgers were superb in an all-American, hearty, generous way, even if I wasn't blown away by the chicken patties (I'd taken away the cajun one on a separate occasion and was unimpressed).

The Works ($16.80) was the "everything-bao-ga-liao" option, with a 150gm NZ grass-fed prime beef patty perfectly grilled to a juicy medium well, streaky bacon, onion rings, basil pesto portobello cap, egg sunny side up, sweet onion jam, melted cheddar, housemade barbecue sauce and aioli, coral lettuce and tomato, sandwiched between pillowy halves of a toasty caramelised onion bun. Absolutely sumptuous.

The Works ($16.80), sans bacon, for those who abstain from pork.

We upsized our burgers to a Set Meal ($3.90 with a choice of 4 sides and drink of your choosing), mine with The Soup Spoon's velvety wholesome Mushroom Soup choc-a-bloc with shitakes and white buttons.

The other option of a side of Chunky Fries, thick and crisp and double fried for an extra dose of artery-clogging deliciousness.

The Handburger
The Soup Spoon Unon
Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-61/62
Tel: 6334 3220
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm
Website: www.thehandburger.com


Danielle said...

If you are in the area, third and sixth does great burgers. On seah street

Bern said...

Thanks for the tip Danielle!! :)

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