The Bar at Morton's

The Bar at Morton's is reputed for its Mortini Nights, a wallet-friendly happy-hour serving up cocktails and free-flow of complimentary steak sandwiches. But because the service hours were between 5pm and 7pm, it was always tough to get there in time to snag a spot at the immensely popular bar.

But, I was recently in the vicinity for a conference, which just so happened to end at 5pm, and so, a couple of my conference buddies and I all trooped on over to The Bar at Morton's to wind down and chill out with drinks, and fill up on their much touted sandwiches.

While their cocktails were indeed commendable, all of which were appreciatively generous in alcohol content, I thought that their steak sandwiches were overhyped. Stuffed simply in a plain hotdog bun, the sliced steaks seemed insipid. Disappointing, considering how high a regard I have for the food at Morton's the Steakhouse. It was exacerbated by the fact that the sandwiches were in such short supply that each of us was only allowed 1 teeny tiny morsel per rotation. And, for the entire happy hour stretch, there was only 4 rotations.

Clockwise from top: Appletini, Classic Gin, Lychee Martini, and Cosmopolitan (each $15.95)

A Steak Sandwich, which would have been more memorable if it was dressed with a lettuce, tomato, and/or sauce, and the buns toasted.

Because I didn't think much of the Steak Sandwiches here, I didn't feel as shortchanged as some others that we only got 4 sandwiches the entire happy hour stretch.

The Bar at Morton's
Mandarin Oriental Singapore 4th Storey
5 Raffles Ave
Tel: 6339 3740
Open Mondays to Saturdays from 5pm to 11pm;
Sundays from 5pm to 10pm

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