Cat & the Fiddle

There's been a spate of birthdays in the office, which translates to repeated orders of the wonderful cheesecakes from online retailer Cat & the Fiddle. I love their cheesecakes. They're creamy and rich, but nuanced and balanced, and kept refreshing by a varied selection of flavours.

Do note that candles are upwards of $1.20, and stencil sets are priced at $5.50. Delivery is also chargeable at a very manageable $9.63 throughout the mainland, so really, a whole cake costs barely $30. A most value-for-money cake if there ever was one.

This time, we got the Sweet & Smoky Taffy ($21.90) for the birthday girl who loves salted caramel. With a crumbly oreo cookie base and burnt toffee juxtaposed against fleur de sel, this 1.1kg delight was a perfect marriage of the sweet and salty.

The whimsical box with its namesake cat playing the fiddle.

Cat & the Fiddle
Website: www.catandthefiddle.com


Oysterdiaries said...

Did you like this, or the coffee+tea one better? I can't decide!

Bern said...

Salted caramel all the way for sure!! (Disclosure: I LOVE salted caramel so I may be as little biased...heh)

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