Kong Kee Seafood Restaurant

Sometimes, even those user review websites can get it so wrong. Take Kong Kee Seafood Restaurant for example; it consistently scores well on many a restaurant review website, but the stark reality is that the restaurant, as it stands, is a far cry from its heyday. The lack of a dining crowd on a weekend evening was indicative of how much its standards have slipped.  

It didn't help that service was somewhat deficient as well. A manifestation of the brewing troubles we have with our immigration policies, we witnessed a heated argument between a local Chinese man and the PRC cashier, which made for a most uncomfortable meal. We could not wait to get out of there.

The Original KL Charcoal Hokkien Mee ($6 for small) looked better than it tasted. I know they pride themselves for using udon noodles here, but the lack of eggy goodness in those flat yellow egg noodles may be why it wasn't as tasty as truly authentic Hokkien mee in KL. Also, the wok hei was woefully missing in action. On the upside, this was laden with sinfully delicious cubes of fried lard.

The Sang Har Sang Mee ($25 for small) with a humongous freshwater prawns fared even worse. The prawns were mushy and reeked of muddy waters.The saving grace of the egg-drop gravy was the copious slices of ginger that helped mask the muddy taste of the prawns.

The sambal was a lifesaver too, its gritty potency added a welcome punch to the lackluster noodles.

I think they were attempting an Asian sauerkraut of sorts but the chilled cabbage appetizer ($2) was utterly horrid. Its raw crunch and tear-inducing sourness was off-putting.

Kong Kee Seafood Restaurant
611 Geylang Lor 31
Tel: 64438221
Open daily from 11am to 1am

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