Chew Kee Eating House

Families are complicated. Take the great big rivalry between soya sauce chicken noodle heavyweights Chew Kee and Chiew Kee. Both were borne from a single soya sauce chicken stall which was operated by a pair of siblings, but somehow, they fell out, with the former helmed by the older sister which stayed put at the same location, and the latter being the offshoot spawned by the younger brother situated barely a hundred meters away.

Each have their ardent fans, proclaiming one to be king over the other. We went down last weekend, to recce both stalls' take on soya sauce chicken, so we know which one to dabao in future. 

Chew Kee's Soya Sauce Chicken Kway Teow ($3.50) got both our votes. The inky black sauce here is more unique, with a robust depth that's punctuated by faint herbal accents. The chicken here, we thought, is also more succulent and intensely marinated.

The popular Dumpling Soup ($5), that you'd find on almost every table, boasts a very homebrewed taste, minimal MSG enhancement, and 6 plump pork dumplings that possessed a lovely chestnutty crunch. While we both picked Chew Kee's broth, we differed on the dumplings; the Hubs preferred these while I found Chiew Kee's dumplings tastier.

Stay tuned, the Chiew Kee post is coming right up!

Chew Kee Eating House
8 Upper Cross Street
Tel: 6222 0507
Open daily from 8am to 6.30pm (Closed alternate Fridays and Public Holidays)

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