Chiew Kee Noodle House

And we're onto part II of our soya sauce chicken food recce at Chiew Kee Noodle House. The brightly lit shop was bustling when we arrived for lunch on a Saturday, and we quickly noted that this was more crowded than Chew Kee.

Having tried both stalls, I think I know what draws fans to Chiew Kee; their rendition of soya sauce chicken is a little more generic and familiar, not unlike its counterparts in most competent hawker centre noodle stalls.

We got the Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle ($3.50), with yellow egg noodles instead of kway teow noodles at Chew Kee. These noodles, quickly showered in a hot bath, were delightfully springy. The sauce is a little more oily, a little less robust, and placed a little more focus on light soy instead of its dark sweet-ish sister, resulting in a slightly more savoury taste. As a matter of preference, we preferred the more unique taste of Chew Kee. The chicken here at Chiew Kee, though, we didn't like; it was a little less flavoursome and not as juicy as the one at Chew Kee.

The ever-popular Dumpling Soup ($5), had less depth but was more tasty in a very MSG way. Also, it had more dumplings, about 9 or 10 of them fat crunchy babies, and these had bits of diced Chinese black mushrooms, which was the tipping point for me.  

Chiew Kee Noodle House
32 Upper Cross Street
Tel: 6221 3531
Open daily from 8am to 7pm; Closed alternate Wednesdays

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