Truffs has gotta be the best well kept secret place in the CBD. If not for A1 bringing us to where it is, we would have never known it's even there. It's hidden deep within the bowels of the rows of shophouse eateries, with a teeny tiny signage for guidance. It's like how the muggles didn't realize the Leaky Cauldron was right smack in front of them the entire time along the busy streets of London. I must have walked past the entrance to Truffs a gazillion times and never knew it was there. 

This was a perfect chill-out spot after the sweltering lunch at The Market Grill. Literally and figuratively. A cool respite for leisurely post-meal artisanal truffle and drinks. Truffs is delightfully calming, capturing the zen lifestyle with its minimalist Japanese style and delicate pinewood furnishing. The tables are placed far apart, and people speak in hushed voices so you get to carry on a conversation without inevitably being heard by other diners. Unless you're a loudmouth, of course.

No visit to Truffs is complete without sampling some of their namesake truffles, all lovingly handmade with the purest and freshest ingredients for the day. There are 3 levels of sweetness, 55%, 66% and 70% cocoa, one for each type of chocolate lover. I've always preferred my chocolate bitter, and the 70% Honduras Dark Chocolate ($3 a piece) was wonderfully balanced. To me, this was the Goldilocks of chocolate. Not too sweet, not too bitter. It was just right. Decadent and naughty and delicious. Even if this was a little pricey, it's so good you don't mind forking out the buckaroos.

A drink that's a must-try for all chocolate addicts is Truffs' Ice Chocolate ($7.50), a lusciously frothy blended chocolate that's rich and creamy and sweet, but balanced and nuanced. It's totally sinful but so worth the calories.

Too much chocolate gives me a headache so I opted for an Ice Latte ($6.50), creamy and robust and heady. A perfect way to round off a perfect meal with perfect company.

179a Telok Ayer Street
Tel: 9088 2736
Open Mondays to Fridays from 12noon to 7pm;
Saturdays from 12noon to 4pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Website: www.truffs.com.sg


Oysterdiaries said...

you are making me look forward to working in the cbd!

Bern said...

Truffs is a little far from where u r gg to be at though. it's on the end of Telok Ayer St tt's closer to tanjong pagar.

Anonymous said...

The word "truffles" has been bastardised by its usage for small dinky pieces of chocolate.


adel said...

sounds like a place to stop by for a cold chocolate fix :)

Bern said...

@Prof: only because you eat so much.

@adel: best iced choc drink since australia, YUMS!

m said...

Looks nice! Didn't know they served drinks too - shall go down and try it soon

Anonymous said...

@ Bern : not true, too much choco in at one end, results in a lot more choco out the other end. Same consistency and colour too. Chocolates are a waste of time. Lol!


Bern said...

now i know why you're always gg to the loo. ;p

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