Ping Ji Bo Bia, Jalan Berseh Food Centre

One of our friends swore this was the "best popiah ever", so when you hear a comment like that, you just gotta try it out. Call it a case of curious george, i suppose. Because that friend was known to rave about absolute rubbish. As it turned out, the proclaimation wasn't hype at all. The popiah here is truly awesome. A real hidden gem in this oldie but goodie hawker centre.

The Popiah ($1.50) is satisfyingly crunchy and delicious. It's scalding hot so be careful when popping one of these babies into your mouth. Most popiahs are a little plain-ish because radish in general has a clean and clear taste, but this was just sinfully flavoursome. Copious lashings of peanut oil, plentiful lup cheong, a generous sprinkling of fried lard, and a good dollop of sweet black sauce set this flavourful roll apart from most other renowned popiah stalls. This actually got us hooked, and we've returned several times just for this.

The nondescript stall. There are a few "famous" stalls here but this one, without any endorsements or writeups, is a worthwhile try. You'd be remiss if you didn't.

Ping Ji Bo Jia
166 Jalan Besar
Jalan Berseh Food Centre
Stall No. 7, lower level


muchadoabouteating said...

Wow never know. Will go check it out soon.

Bern said...

sometimes, it does pay to listen to friends. :)

Oysterdiaries said...

The owners don't look too happy hahaha.

yixiao said...

yummeh... one of a kind spelling too!

Bern said...

@Oysterdiaries: yeah, they had a very disgruntled look, didn't they? hilarious though!

@yixiao: err can u translate the chinese words to me? i have absolutely no idea what they mean at all man. on a side note: i saw your sister at jai thai last week! wanted to go up to her and say hi but didn't coz i thot it may have freaked her out. hah.

Anonymous said...

Oink from kuching!


Bern said...

oink oink! when r u bck in sg?

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