Phew, that was a tough week!

Work's been absolutely bonkers, and to top it off, we're moving house as well. The silver lining's the long weekend, so we had 3 days to move our mountain of stuff. It never really hits you how much crap you have until you move, does it?  I always find myself spring cleaning whenever I move. Your life gets de-cluttered because you're suddenly brutal with the stuff you throw out. My wardrobe consequently gets an "overhaul" as well. Which is always a good thing for my friends because they benefit from the stuff I never wear. Like that top that I was supposed to lose weight for, or that OTT dress that I'll have an occasion for, or those shoes I was supposed to squeeze my ginormous feet into. This time round, one of my girlfriends was gifted with a pair of gorgeous gorgeous Guiseppe Zanotti sparkly strappy's. She has enviably small feet that I clearly don't. 

This was our first meal in the 'hood. I'd heard that Choupinette's eggs benedict could give Wild Honey a run for their money. So, first thing bright and early on Easter Sunday, we dragged our tired, sore and achy selves out of bed and onto the road. The thing that struck us about this quaint little whimsical shop is that the menu's surprisingly extensive despite its small size. I've always thought that Choupinette was a bakery that did breakfast eggs, but it seems that they do quite a fair bit of European fare, like lasagna, beef stew and chicken pie.

The Eggs Benedict ($22 as a set with a juice and hot drink), with 2 perfectly poached eggs sitting on ribbons of salty shaved ham and toasty muffins, and drenched in a thick and silky Hollandaise sauce is elegant and nuanced. The delicate flavours of the various components were married very well. This is the one thing that'll probably make me return in lieu of Wild Honey. The rave reviews for this were definitely well deserved.

The Tristan ($21 as a set with a juice and hot drink) is the bao-ga-liao English-styled breakfast, with fluffy scrambled eggs, chunkily textured lightly spiced juicy pork sausages, sauteed white button and shitake mushrooms, grilled tomato provencale, and a wholemeal baguette.

607 Bukit Timah Road #01-01
Tel: 6466 0613
Opening hours
Tue - Thu: 9am - 8pm
Fri: 9am - 10pm
Sat: 8am- 10pm
Sun: 8am - 6pm


muchadoabouteating said...

Yay welcome to my hood :) :) yup choupinette is fab. Eh think i like it more than wild honey :p

Bern said...


won't be here long though. it's a temp place. heh.

wild honey FTW! their scrambled eggs are still da bestest!

Anonymous said...

the ham edges look a bit chow tar, i think.


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