The Lookout, SICC

Now that we're well into the monsoon season, dining at The Lookout, which is completely open-air, is an immensely pleasurable experience. We met up with the family at the club for our last dinner of the year. We wanted something intimate and quiet, away from the crowds and revellers. 

The boys opted for the Nasi Padang ($7.80), which was pretty commendable. Aromatic flavoursome rice, a tasty albeit overfried drumstick, sunny side egg, crisp fried ikan bilis, piquant achar and a sweet but headily spicy dried shrimp-based sambal.

I got a festive promotional item, the Honey Glazed Boneless Ham ($16.90) with mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, green beans, grilled pineapples and a tangy apple sauce. I liked that the ham was meaty, and not that smooth generic picnic ham crap. Hated the straight-out-of-a-box-in-powder-form mash and sprouts.

The Fried Chicken Wings ($9) was delicious, with a crisp outer skin and juicy succulent insides. Not the best, but memorably good.

A snack that both my brothers love is the Otak Otak ($12.50), fresh mackerel mashed with pounded lemongrass, onions, chilli, coconut milk, blue ginger and tumeric, is served with crisp lettuce and sliced bread.

The Lookout
Singapore Island Country Club
180 Island Club Road
Open daily from 6.30am to 10pm

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