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Both the Hubs and I are swamped with work this year end festive season, but while my work stuff is still relatively manageable, the Hubs is quite overloaded. That translates to lots of late nights and/or being glued to the computer at home after work. So I'm making good use of the Hubs' super busy period to do lots of catch up with my friends.

I'd asked Ernie to meet for dinner in the CBD near the Hubs' office, just in case the Hubs was able to finish work and join us later on during the dinner. So, in return, he got to pick where to eat. And since he wanted pizza, it was off to Spizza at Club Street we were!

This first-ever outlet of the popular pizzaria is 2 doors down from the famed Senso, and it's interesting to note that both are owned by the same people. Both are equally popular but cater to very different occasions and budgets. Senso's more refined while Spizza is more rustic. While I have to confess that my favourite pizzaria is still Ricciotti, Spizza does stand out in a couple of ways, namely their Quinta and their portobello starter dishes (you can't get these at Ricciotti). Also, Spizza's casual, convivial vibe is extremely charming. A great way to unwind after a long hard week of work.

We started off on a high note with the Portobello Al Forno ($12.50), a duo of oven-baked portobello mushrooms topped with chunky bolognese sauce and melted taleggio cheese. This was dripping with earthy juices and totally scrumptious.

The Garlic Bread ($5) was a little ho-hum, even if Ernie liked it (he likes ALL garlic bread, regardless of standard or quality, you see). There just wasn't enough garlic butter spread and the baguette wasn't toasty enough.

The Quinta ($18 for medium), with black truffle paste, egg, tomato, and mozzarella is a MUST-TRY here. The black truffle paste is AWESOME. This uniquely flavoured pizza really does set Spizza apart from my favourite Ricciotti. Somehow, the distinctively strong truffle essence managed to complement, rather than overwhelm, the flavours of the tangy tomato and cheese base and delicate mildness of the sunny side up egg. To paraphrase Tim Gunn, they just made it work. That said, the wood-fired pizza crust is just a tad overcooked so it didn't have that crisp smoky crust with slightly chewy and airy and soft insides. This was more like a crusty, thin, flat bread.

The Tara ($19 for medium), with egg, bacon, button mushrooms, tomato, and mozzarella, is the pizza version of the carbonara. I really like that the eggs on both pizzas are perfectly done, cooked through so there aren't any translucent membraney lumps but runny enough to smear it all over the pizza.

29 Club St
Tel: 6224 2525
Open daily from 12noon to 2.30pm for lunch; 6pm to 10.30pm for dinner
Website: www.spizza.sg

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