Trisara Dinner Room Service, Phuket, Thailand

This is the all-day dining menu at Trisara, as opposed to the breakfast menu in the previous post.

We'll start off with the appetizers, Goong Sarong (THB490) prawns wrapped in rice noodle vermicelli with a honey mustard dipping sauce. I think freshwater prawns were used. While they are big and juicy, they weren't particularly sweet.

We totally loved the Gai Yang 'Phuket' (THB400), with succulent, thoroughly flavoursome and smoky barbecued chicken skewered on chopsticks, seasoned with fresh tumeric and served with a piquant, peppery nam jim jaew dipping sauce.We repeatedly ordered this throughout our stay in Trisara.

We also ordered several rounds of the Thod Mun Goong (THB490). The oh-so-juicy deep-fried shrimp cakes were the best shrimp cakes I've ever had, bar none. This was served with plum sauce, but seriously, the shrimp cakes were so good on their own that the dipping sauce was rendered completely redundant.

Of course we ordered the classic Thai soup of Tom Yam Goong (THB450) with gargantuan king prawns in hot and sour broth laced with lemongrass and galangal. While I found the broth overwhelming with the essence of prawn, Kang totally loved it and quickly lapped it up. To each his own, I guess. There was once I asked for the soup on its own, sans ingredients and Trisara immediately acceded to my request. I've never been able to do that at any restaurant or hotel without a fair amount of wrangling. That's how amazing the standard of service here.

We also loved the Phad Kra Proaw (THB450) soft, fresh, minced pork sauteed with rich dark oyster sauce, chili and hot basil leaves.This was very good indeed.

The Naree Lui Suan (THB400), chunks of juicy chicken were stir-fried with crunchy cashew nuts, dried chili, and capsicums in oyster sauce.

Onto the curries, the Gaeng Kiew Wan (THB450), green curry with pandan, apple, eggplant and chicken was creamy, rich and heady.

The Gaeng Massaman (THB400) with roasted pumpkin, sweet potatoes and grilled chicken was our favourite curry. It had a delectable smoky accent to it, and while it had a kickass spiciness to it (this really got us all sniffling), the flavour of the rich curry paste still come through every scoop. We practically licked this up.

The Panang Gai (THB450) with sliced chicken breast and coconut milk had a nutty quality to it, with sweet basil strips added for a little peppery element.

The Gaeng Daeng (THB450), red curry with chicken, was slightly milder, but no less potent, than the massaman curry. This was creamier, with the liberal use of coconut milk.

The only vegetables dish we ordered the entire time we were at Trisara, the Phak Ruammit Phad (THB300), stir-fried mixed vegetables in oyster sauce was a nice respite from the rest of the very fiery dishes.

We move on to the noodles and rice section of the menu, the Mee Sapam (THB400), Phuket yellow noodles with kale and chicken was by far our favourite carb dish. Mild but tasty and loaded with chunks of ingredients, this was such comfort food.

The Khao Phad (THB400) traditional fried rice with chicken, was well-fried, with each grain imbued with "wok hei". A little plain-ish, but still delicious to the last grain.

Trisara's Phad Thai (THB550), small rice noodles with grilled king prawns, tofu and banana blossom salad tended towards the sweet, but a generous helping of dried chili flakes kicked this up a notch.

The Phad Guay Jaub (THB400) thick flat rice noodles with chicken in oyster sauce, morning glory and eggs while commendable, had, unfortunately all of its flat rice noodles still rolled up, so some of the noodles ended up not being coated with the oyster sauce during the frying process.

We also indulged in some of the dishes from the western menu, the Parma Ham and Rucola Pizza was pleasantly authentic. The thin crust pizza had a wood-fired accent to its crispness, and the pungent saltiness of the Parma ham complemented the peppery rucola.

Although the only risotto available on the menu was supposedly cooked with a lobster, I asked for a vegetarian option, which they were, as usual, happy to oblige. The Porcini Mushrooms Risotto just oozed homestyle comforting goodness. Al dente, rich and woodsy.

The Spaghetti Aglio Olio was simplicity at its finest, just a bunch of garlic, olive oil and ham made this al dente pasta a hit.

We also loved the golden baked Potato Gratin, scalloped potatoes in a creamy sauce and loaded with cheese, this was decadently good.

The Deep Dark Chocolate Cake with Double Cream was sinfully delicious, with its dense but moist texture and bittersweet tones.

Trisara provides complimentary Chocolate Truffles, which were, suffice it to say, gobbled quickly everyday. Don't worry, they're more than happy to top it up several times a day. These were filled with a bit of liquor for a little luxury, and coated with bitter cocoa to counter the sweetness of the truffles.

Trisara's in-house Assorted Cookies were also something to look forward to everyday, freshly made, I liked the cranberry cookies best, but the Hubs preferred the long tubular sugar cookies.

Website: trisara.com


Anonymous said...

wow! pigs galore! not phuket, its pigket!

Bern said...

Oink! But in all seriousness, this was spread out over 1 week, so we really didn't eat that much what.

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