Trisara Breakfast, Phuket, Thailand

If you ever want to lap it up in Phuket, Trisara is the only place you should consider. It's the only 6-star all-villa resort in the whole of Phuket and in our opinion, the best place to stay at on the island. Service is unparalleled (they really want to say yes to all of your requests, no matter how ridiculous), food is world-class and the accommodations are pure luxury.

Trisara's located on a private beach, so you're assured of complete and exclusive privacy. It's an all-villa resort, so you get the privacy of a standalone villa (you really can't hear your neighbours then) and an ample-sized ocean-view plunge pool all to yourself, but the facilities of an all-inclusive resort, complete with a fitness centre, library, several restaurants and bars, full-service spa, hair and nail palour and large pool at the main foyer. It's a place to really get pampered, simply because it's utterly extravagant and indulgent.

We hear that the King of Sweden even owns a residence in Trisara (the 3 to 4 bedroom residences are privately owned but managed by Trisara and available for rental at a rate set by the private owners). We say, if it's good enough for Swedish royalty, it's good enough for us!

The resort may be remote (it's a 5-minute cab ride out to get to the nearest massage or food place) but the resort's all-inclusive so why on earth would you want to get out of the resort at all?  With the exception of having dinner at Lotus Restaurant one night at Bangtao Beach, we never left the resort!

This is the start of all of our meals at Trisara, which is a lot, considering we were there for a whole week. Guests can opt to have breakfast at the restaurant at the main deck or order from the in-room dining menu and have it delivered to your room. There's a small continental breakfast buffet selection at the main deck, all of which, as we discovered, are available on the in-room dining menu as well. You can assume everything was good and yummy, unless otherwise stated.

Loaves of Bread from top to bottom, Sourdough, Corn, Oat & Seeds, Whole Wheat and Fruit Bread

Wholemeal and White Sliced Bread and a Toaster, if you prefer your bread toasted, like me!

Fresh Milk, nicely packaged in individual portions.

Syrups and Jams from right to left: raspberry, orange marmalade, chocolate & banana, maple syrup and honey

Yoghurt and Muesli and toppings from left to right: fruit cup, plain yoghurt and bircher muesli.

Cold Cuts and Cheese

Fruits (Trisara replenishes the daily supply of fruits in each villa everyday, but also refillable at any time if you're like the Hubs, who gobbled up the daily supply of fruits by mid-afternoon everyday)

Freshly Cut Fruits, for lazy people like me.

Fruit Juices from left to right: orange, pineapple, dragonfruit, watermelon, apple and carrot. Cereal from left to right: corn flakes, chocolate rice, koko krunch, and bran. Fresh Milk in pitchers.

Onto the mains, all of which are also available on the in-room dining menu. You can opt for any kind of eggs with a variety of sides, and these are the fluffy scrambled eggs with spinach, sauteed mushrooms and bacon. Trisara prides itself on serving wholesome organic food, but these didn't compromise on flavour. While some people may think that the spinach and mushrooms are undersalted, we thought that the natural flavours and juices of the greens were allowed to shine.

Eggs sunny-side up with spinach and fat, succulent pork sausages

Eggs sunny-side up with ham, sauteed mushrooms, spinach and freshly-made hashbrowns, not those of the frozen variety. This was more like rosti than hashbrowns.

Scrambled eggs with hashbrowns, perfectly crisp bacon and pork sausage

Wobbly runny poached eggs with ham, grilled tomatoes and pork sausages

We sampled some of the Thai breakfast selections, such as the Thai omelette, simply seasoned with chives and spring onions, this was a bit plain though. We preferred the western-styled eggs.

Sauteed Morning Glory with Oyster Sauce and loads of garlic

Sauteed Chicken with oyster sauce, green peppercorns and deep-fried garlic

Website: trisara.com

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