Imperial Treasure Windows of HK, TripleOne Somerset

Windows of HK is Imperial Treasure's take on Hong Kong fast food. A small selection of congees, rice, noodles and roasts make up the Cantonese influence of the menu. And then there's the quintessentially Hong Kong-style western food where cheese-covered baked rice dishes and luncheon meat instant noodles with sunny side up eggs predominantly feature.

I understand that this is supposed to be modeled after self-serviced Hong Kong canteens, so you order at the cashier and make payment on the spot, and the wait staff will deliver the dishes to your table when it's ready. Iced and warm water are available at a water counter, but you'll have to get it by yourself. I really don't mind popping by the water counter to pour my own glass of plain water from the water jugs, but what's the point of employing so many waitresses to stand around shuffling their feet and staring off into space if they cannot even ensure that the iced plain water jug is filled. When I tried to get some iced plain water, the water jug was empty. After the waitresses were told that the water jug needed to be filled, they just filled it with room temperature water. And when we asked for ice to be put into the jug because it's supposed to be iced plain water, they just didn't bother. 

Then, when I'm eating, they kept coming over to try to take away our unfinished dishes. Seriously, when I need the staff to do their job, they don't. But I need to be left alone to finish my meal, they are ridiculously over-eager to clear my plates. This would have been a very nice place to dine, if not for the lazy, lacking in initiative and direction staff.

That said,the food was good and does keep with up Imperial Treasure's high standards. Because TripleOne Somerset is generally lacking in foot traffic, the restaurant was barely filled when we had dinner there on a weekday. 

The Roasted Pork & Duck with Rice ($7.50) was really delicious. Roasted pork had a nice crackling and just the right fat-to-meat ratio. Loved the duck, it was juicy, tender and flavoursome.

The Sliced Fish Congee ($6.50) was simple, tasty and comforting. Fish was plentiful and fresh, while porridge was smooth and delicate.

The Soya Sauce Chicken ($12 for half) was yummy, even if it was a tad bloody, at certain parts. It was tender, succulent and flavourful right to the bone.

Imperial Treasure Windows of HK
111 Somerset Road
TripleOne Somerset
Tel: 6732 8798
Open daily from 11am to 9pm

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