Hwa Ji Bak Kut Teh, Boon Tat Street

The thing about eating any kind of food that's hot and soupy in nature in Singapore is that the eatery has got to be air-conditioned at the very least. This is not to say that we're a spoilt, pampered bunch, but really, drinking copious amounts of steaming hot soup in our extremely humid and hot weather is not an experience I'd recommend to an out-of-towner.

This is why I was delighted to find yet another air-conditioned bak kut teh place near my office. I really didn't want to go back to the office a sweaty smelly mess.  

We had some Prawn Rolls ($5), which had a nice chunky texture, the mince wasn't too pulverised. It was moist inside, with crisp golden skin. Good, but fairly ordinary.

The Preserved Vegetable ($3) were also commendable, softly braised but not too salty. Pieces of garlic lent aroma.

The Pig Liver and Spine Meat Soup ($5.50) is great for women who need more iron in their diet. Although I'm not a fan of liver, but this was barely poached, so it was still tender and soft. Great texture. The soup, while reeking of hints of MSG, was still tasty and had depth of flavour.

Hwa Ji Bak Kut Teh
31 Boon Tat Street
Open Mondays to Saturdays from 8am to 9pm

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