Victor Fried Chicken Wing Rice

I'm sure many of you remember Carona's fried chicken wing rice. Their flagship branch used to be at Victoria Street Food Centre, and my family would go there every Sunday after Church for lunch. It was the best fried chicken wing rice ever.

Then, the owner sold off the moniker to someone who made Carona a franchise and opened an outlet in Marina Square (where Pu Tien Restaurant is now situated). I can totally understand why some businesses refuse to franchise their business, and Carona was a classic example of the many reasons why. The standard of the food dropped drastically, the portions suddenly became suitable only for model-thin persons, and the prices rose astronomically. Obviously, Carona is now defunct.

When I moved to my current premises, little did I know that this particular stall in which I regularly buy my fried chicken wing rice is helmed by the original owner (and inventer of the fried chicken wing rice) of Carona. Until I took the time to actually read some of the writeups that are proudly on display at the stall. The eponymous stall now sells other dishes, such as homestyle fried rice, lemon chicken rice and fish fillet rice, as a matter of diversification.

We got the Fried Chicken Wing Rice ($2.50), crispy fried chicken wings served in a delectable chicken-stock-based rice, with a piquant chili sauce that packs a punch. The chicken wings are marinated overnight so the marination soaks through to the bone and fried fresh everyday. Every time the owner fries his chicken wings, the aromatic smells wafts through the air and permeates every inch of the coffeeshop.

The chili sauce is also notably addictive. the BF has been known to finish 5 saucers of the chili, just for one dish.

Honestly, no other fried chicken wing rice compares. I've seen fellow members of the bar takeaway up to 10 packets of the fried chicken wing rice.

Update 16 January 2011: Victor Fried Chicken Wing Rice has moved to Ye He Eating House at Blk 638 Veerasamy Road #01-101, Stall No. 5, telephone number remains the same.

Victor Fried Chicken Wing Rice
Seng Chuan Eating House
Blk 31 Kelantan Lane
#01-12 Stall number 9
Tel: 6336 6083
Open daily from 8.30am to 10pm


Anonymous said...

thank god i found this page on google, i went down to kelentan lane today and was horrified to find no sign of victor ...


Bern said...

Glad to be of service! :)

Jou-rene said...

Hi just wondering if its still in business cause the post is quite old...

Bern said...

should be, coz we were there like less than a year ago. call before u go down to double check; we always call ahead when we "dabao"!

Anonymous said...

Ok thks!! But may I ask their number pls!! I grew up on Carona and ive been craving it since forever I was estastic to know that the original owner has opened a new store!

Bern said...

their number has stayed the same: 6336 6083. let me know if you cant get them!

Jou-rene said...

Thank you so much! I'll get back to you once I try calling! Thanks again!

Dagger Woon said...

Wow i would love to try Victor's Fried Chicken rice. Seems awesome

Jiang Shuyi said...

they are at 638 veerasamy road now!

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