Annual Christmas Party 2009, Suntec Convention Room

My firm organises an annual Christmas Party and this year's party was held at the Suntec Convention Rooms. As part of the organising committee, I get to veto the menu (MAJOR perk of being in the committee, yay).

The buffet food was catered by the in-house kitchen of Suntec Singapore, halal certified for a number of our staff.

There was the ubiquitous Roast Turkey, Cajun spiced, with traditional chestnut stuffing, doused in a luscious brown gravy and sprinkled with cranberries, roasted chestnuts and asparagus. This was a little one-dimensional, but I liked the chestnuts, roasted so soft that no chewing was required. The turkey was a little dry, but since it was doused in the gravy, it wasn't too noticeable.The stuffing was a little pulverised though, but good for people with dentures I guess.

There was another meat option, the Hickory Smoked Chicken with Pineapple and Raisins. The chicken was breast meat and very lean, and topped with julienned red, green and yellow peppers for a little sweetish heat. Although rosemary was sprinkled on the dish, I didn't really smell or taste the distinctive herb in the chicken.

There was also a fish option, the Seared Seabass Fillet with Pineapple and Plum Tomato Salsa. This was probably one of my least favourite dishes. The seabass wasn't as fresh as I would have liked it, and I felt that the dish was a little bland.

For the carb lovers, there was the Butter Herb Rice, a vegetarian option for the non-meat eaters. Fragrant, fluffy rice, with corn niblets, silvers of almond, French beans, raisins and dried apricots thrown in for a Mediterranean flavour. This was quite the crowd pleaser, and my personal favourite, I had triple helpings of this.

There was another carb option, the Fusilli Arrabiata with Plum Tomatoes, Red Pepper Flakes and Cheese. This had coriander wedged in every inch of the dish, so naturally, I avoided it. Somehow, many of colleagues didn't eat it either. I guess the butter rice was a more popular carb choice.

This was also another one of my favourites, the Sauteed Baby Broccoli Leaf with Trio of Mushrooms. This dish would have been a ho-hum affair if not for the trio of mushrooms lifting it to "memorable" status. There were enoki mushrooms (or golden mushrooms), black Chinese mushrooms and shimeji mushooms. I love the earthy woodsy aromas and flavour of mushrooms.

For desserts, we had Log Cakes of course. I'm not a huge fan of log cakes, but this was surprisingly moist and densely flavoured with bittersweet chocolate which gave it an edgy twist.

There's was also an oh-so-cute-it-hurts Gingerbread House. I'm not a huge fan of gingerbread, but this was incredibly adorable.

We also had an array of festive Christmas Cookies, all beautifully presented.

My favourite dessert was the Coffee Tiramisu with Raspberries, a very commendable version of the traditional Italian dessert. This was light, fluffy and sweet, with the tartness of the raspberries cutting through the bitter coffee.

There was also an Asian dessert option, the  Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo. This was also quite commendable version of the local dessert, refreshing and sweet.

An assortment of freshly cut fruits rounded up the desserts. A small number of raspberries and blueberries was an indulgent plus point and they were obviously snapped up in an instant.

Credit should go to Jo and Mr J for helping me out with the pictures! Also to DTing, Mr Motormouth and JLim for letting me eat off their plates!

Suntec Singapore
International Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City
Tel: 6825 2210
Contact person: Ms Kendy Lim, Assistant Manager, Sales and Catering

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