Aburiya Japanese BBQ, Robertson Quay

During this festive season, L.A. Dinner for the month of December was a special epicurean treat at Aburiya Japanese BBQ for a taste of charcoal grilled premium meats (read: wagyu and wagyu and more wagyu).

It was truly a gastronomic feast that night, we had such a blast at dinner (so much so the dinner lasted past 10pm). The company was fantastic, conversation was enlivened by banter and Mr Motormouth's antics, the food and drinks flowed freely, and surprisingly, the men actually did most of the cooking. Without any prodding from us womenfolk!

I'm not going to describe each meat/seafood individually because they were ALL good. No, good is an understatement. ALL the meats were decadently succulent, mouth-wateringly juicy, addictively aromatic, melt-in-your-mouth tender, headily robust and blazingly flavoured.

Aburiya marinates their meats in a variety of flavours, I especially liked the Tare, traditional yakiniku sauce, a sweetish soy-based sauce. I chose most of the meats to be served with the Tare marinade.

We started with some Wagyu Ribeye ($25.50), my favourite cut because it has the best flavour, marinated in Tare.

Wagyu Jo Karubi ($17.90), wagyu prime short rib, marinated in Tare sauce. Look at that marbling!

The char-grilled version.

We also got the "normal" beef options, Jo Karubi ($12.90), beef prime short rib, also marinated in Tare.

Karubi ($7.90), beef short ribs in Tare marinade. Although this isn't wagyu beef, the marbling is still beautifully widespread.

The char-grilled version.

Moving onto the pork, we first got the Kurobuta Karubi ($9.90), pork belly marinated in Hot Miso (spicy miso).

We also got the Kurobuta Karubi ($9.90) in Tare marinade.

Next up was the Kurobuta Rosu ($9.90), pork loin, one portion in Tare marinade and the other in Hot Miso marinade.

The next meat was chicken, Tori ($7.90), one portion in Tare marinade and the other in the Wasamayo marinade (wasabi-mayonnaise).

We also got seafood, Hotate ($10.90), scallops, and Ebi ($12.90) prawns, both in a luscious butter sauce.

Wait, there's still more. We also got sausages, the Cheese Cracker ($7.90) pork, beef and cheese sausages.

We also got the German Sausages ($7.90), German-style pork sausages.

Last sausage was the Garlic Sausages ($7.90), pork and garlic sausages.

 Don't worry Moms, we also got vegetables and healthy stuff into our tummies. The Horenso Salad ($10.90), a spinach salad with refreshing cucumber, onions and tossed with crispy garlic slices and (little) bits of bacon, complete with a topping of sesame sprinkles. This is my absolute favourite salad of all. We got two portions of this.

There was also grilled sweet Corn ($4.90).

We also had my favourite Portobello mushrooms ($6.90) in butter.

And Shiitake ($4.90) mushrooms too.

The yummy mushrooms! We got 5 portions of them all.

And we also got Edamame ($3.90), baby soy beans in a pod boiled in salted water and served cold. Mr Marathon Man thought they were sugar snap peas and/or snow peas and wanted to eat the whole thing, hairy pod and all. It was hilarious. The rest of the guys wanted to let him eat the pod too, just because it was so funny.

Mr Motormouth was still hungry so he got a Hiyayakko ($5.90), Korean cold tofu in kimchi sauce.

The rest of us got desserts! I got a Chocolate Parfait ($8.90), a heavenly chocolate sundae with corn flakes layers and topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles with chocolate sauce.

Another colleague got the Banana Parfait ($9.90), which is vanilla ice cream with bananas and butterscotch and chocolate sauce.

Aburiya Japanese BBQ
60 Robertson Quay
Tel: 6735 4862
Open Mondays to Fridays from 6pm to 11.30pm, Saturdays from 5.30pm to 11.30pm, Sundays and Public Holidays from 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Website: www.aburiya.net

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