Red Bean Cold Noodles, Taipei

Liang2 Mian4, or cold noodles, is Taiwan's answer to Korea's naengmyeon. Or western pasta salad. Typically eaten during the sweltering Summer months, the noodles are served chilled and doused in a peanut-sesame sauce with a simple garnish of julienned cucumbers. It's refreshing and spritely, and doesn't ever feel too heavy for a carb-centric dish.

We were recommended Hong2 Dou4 Liang2 Mian4, or Red Bean Cold Noodles, in the foodie district of Xinyi. The shop's proprietors are friendly as heck, and are as congenial as their noodles.

The Cold Noodles (TWD35), springy and wonderfully devoid of that alkali aftertaste of most other fresh egg noodles, was slicked in a creamy nutty sauce redolent of sesame oil and peanut butter. Aromatic and lively, this was refreshingly scrumptious.

While I wasn't a fan of the gigantic pork meatballs, the Egg Drop Miso Soup (TWD35) was velvety and nuanced.

The shop front for reference.

Hong Dou Liang Mian
No. 105, Yongji Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 8787 0195

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