Song Shan Gua Bao, Taipei

Gua4 Bao1 is Taiwan's answer to the burger. A breakfast staple frequently eaten on-the-go, the modestly sized bun is hearty and rustic. Everyone has their favourite, but one of the most popular offerings can be found in the Wufenpu Garment Wholesale Area of the Xinyi district, along Songshan Road where the shop draws its name.

A fluffy steamed bun is stuffed with soy-braised pork belly, fatty and indulgent and all kinds of bad for you, and laced with pickled mustard greens, and overflowing with lashings of peanut powder. It's sweet yet savoury, spicy yet tart, an explosive confluence of contrasting flavours that was at once delightful and wonderful. Each bun is hawked at an affordable (TWD50).

The shop front for reference.

Songshan Guabao
179 Songshan Road, Xinyi District, Taipei
Tel: 02 2756 7426
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm

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