Gemmills is also owned by the people behind the fabulous Maggie Joans and delightful Moosehead. A distinctively different concept from its Mediterranean sister restaurants, Gemmills is casual and intimate, a cafe in the day-time which morphs into a bar come dusk. Styled like an old-school kopitiam replete with desks re-purposed from singer brand sewing machines and hardy stone coffee tables, the cool, darkened cafe-bar is a respite from the blazing heat outdoors. The grub served is classic cafe fare, a decidedly limited menu of sandwiches, salads, and simple pastas. Service can be a little slow, but it's understandably so; there's just the one waitress the entire lunch service.

The Prosciutto & Buffalo Mozzarella Panini ($15) was a commendable sandwich, wonderfully burnished with fragrant pesto and layered with juicy tomatoes.

The Chicken, Cauliflower & Quinoa Salad ($16) was excellent, the dukkah spice rub enlivening the roasted chicken and cauliflower, and lending to a smoky aroma. Blobs of sour cream and pomegranate seeds provided a refreshing counter to the char and mild heat of the green chilli.

Despite being tainted by the parsley garnish, the Rigatoni & Beef Ragu ($18) was hearty, rustic and sumptuous.

The Vanilla Ice-Cream & Caramel Sauce ($7) was given crunch by chocolate cookie bits. Simple but delicious.

110 Amoy Street
Tel: 6221 5564
Open weekdays from 8am to 12midnight;
Saturdays from 6pm to 12midnight;
Closed on Sundays

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