PappaRich, Plaza Singapura

Malaysian export PappaRich is one of the better eateries offering authentic Malaysian street food in a comfortably upmarket, albeit casual, setting. Short of hopping onto a plane to Malaysia's culinary hotbeds KL or Penang, PappaRich is really the next best thing this side of the causeway.

Serving greasy street food at hearty portions and reasonable prices, it's little wonder the chain restaurant is frequently packed. Unsurprisingly, service was awful; we never got served any water, getting a server's attention was an impossible task, and just about every wait staff sported a glum grimace. I'd asked to hold off the parsley/spring onions/coriander, and they took off ALL of the vegetables...my noodles missed their beansprouts and kangkong. Notwithstanding the woefully lackadaisical service, the Malaysian fare at PappaRich was pretty commendable. We'd been craving the Hokkien mee back in Penang, and PappaRich's rendition did well in scratching that itch.

A must-try, the Chicken Satay (8.90 for 6) was so succulent and flavourful, it rendered the accompanying peanut sauce redundant.

The Pappa Prawn Mee ($9.90) was a lovely blend of rich shrimp stock and chilli spice, generously studded with fresh prawns and poached chicken slices. The robust broth was wonderfully comforting on a cool rainy night.

The Pappa Fried Mee ($8.90), imbued with the smoky accent of the wok, was equal parts sweet and spicy and savoury. It wasn't the most outstanding, but it passed muster.

The Pappa Chicken Chop with Curry Sauce ($12.90) had beautifully crisp skin. I liked the creamy curry gravy, but thought the fried rice rather pedestrian and fried egg slightly overcooked.

PappaRich Malaysian Delights
Plaza Singapura #01-35
68 Orchard Road
Tel: 6735 9323
Open daily from 10am to 12midnight
Website: www.papparich.com.sg

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