Plain Vanilla Bakery, Tiong Bahru

Plain Vanilla Bakery has the distinction of churning out miniature cakes shaped like cupcakes, so the little gorgeous confectionery are more akin to cake than cupcakes. A girlfriend brought over a box of these ($19 for 6) for one of our quarterly luncheons.

From their stable of mainstays, the Cinnamon Brown Sugar, a cake frosted with cinnamon and dusted with cinnamon sugar, is both fragrant and delicious.

Purely as a matter of preference, I wasn't a big fan of the Milk Chocolate Banana, banana cake dotted with chocolate chip topped with milk chocolate and a candied banana chip. Not a fan of banana.

To round off the mainstays, the Strawberry White Chocolate, a vanilla-based cake piped with a strawberry compote center and frosted with white chocolate, was a smidge saccharine.

The specials fared much better, like the Earl Grey, a bergamot-laced earl grey tea cake with lavender vanilla frosting and speckled with earl grey tea dust. Incredibly fragrant and balanced.

The Salted Caramel, a caramel cake topped with salted caramel buttercream, a dollop of caramel and dusted with maldon sea salt flakes, was my favourite, a beautiful contrast of the sweet and salty.

The Lemon Vanilla, was the lightest, enlivened by the bright tang of lemons.

Plain Vanilla Bakery
1D Yong Siak Road
Open Tuesdays to Fridays from 11am to 8pm
Saturdays from 9am to 8pm
Sundays from 9am to 6pm
Closed on Mondays
Tel: 8363 7614
Website: www.plainvanillabakery.com

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