SOUPerich, Stanley Street

You wouldn't think anyone in the right mind would sit in the blazing afternoon heat to drink hot soup in their office attire, but here at SOUPerich, it becomes evident that Singaporeans love Chinese-style clear soups! Like Yee Jia Chun just 1 street away, this tiny, non-air-conditioned place consistently sports a long queue. While many are seen to takeaway their soups to dine in the air-conditioned comfort of their office, a number still opt to brave the heat to dine at the eatery. Although the indoors is superheated like a convection oven, the outdoor seating is slightly less uncomfortable as the tables here catch a light breeze every now and then.

One of their most popular soups, the Lotus Root Soup ($5) is full-bodied and rich, with a delectable homestyled flavour to it.This was loaded with peanuts, lending an addictively toothsome bite.

The Pumpkin Rice ($2) is both nutritious and delicious, packed with shredded pork, dried shrimp, stewed mushrooms and nuts. 

SOUPerich serves up a rotating stable of side dishes, all of which boast a very familiar homecooked feel. Even if the cooking is unrefined. The Stir-fried Vegetables ($1.50), lightly fried with dried shrimp and garlic, is simple but flavourful.

The Scrambled Eggs ($1.50) with hairy gourd, a mega throwback to my childhood, really nailed the homecooked comfort factor.

The Tofu with Minced Meat ($1.50), sauteed with a bit of chilli and oyster sauce, was commendable as well. The mince was a little tough, but the flavour was just right.

No. 2 Stanley Street
Tel: 97566566
Open weekdays from 10.30am to 3pm


Anonymous said...

Theres a pop-up stand near DonQ at taka basement !! Xx onde2

Bern said...

really?? didn't know taka basement sold chinese-style soups!

Anonymous said...

At the area where the temporary stands are located , closer to the supermarket tils! Theres a small seating area (7 pax?) Only around til 2nd march though... x onde2

Anonymous said...

Boss service suck. He wanted to shift my colleague and I to another table while we were starting to have our soup. I refused to move and the boss told me off that he is boss here". Damn lousy service to the customer. Will not go back again. I believe there are better and cheaper soup in Amoy.

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