Akashi, Paragon

Akashi is one of the longest tenant restaurants of Paragon's food basement. Weekends will see it packed with raucous families; the sheer number of kids here reminded me of a kiddy gym. If you're the type to prefer a lot of peace and quiet during mealtimes, then maybe you should hit this place up only on weekdays, where you're likely to bump into a local celebrity or two. I hear Akashi's salmon tail handroll is a firm favourite of the celebrity set. I don't quite understand the fandom though. While their set meals were affordably decent, I thought the ala carte menu was a little overpriced. Their sushi/sashimi may be a smidge better than Sushi Tei, but at twice the price points, Akashi didn't strike me as particularly competitive.

We started off with the sparkling fresh Shake Sashimi ($20), sliced appreciatively thick and fat. 

We loved the Aburi Toro Sushi ($36), beautifully seared tuna belly that was meltingly moist. That said, this was a little pricey. My sentiments would, of course, be different, if this was otoro instead.

The Gindara Misozuke Set ($28) comprised a fleshy fillet of cod grilled to a smoky miso-ed sheen, a couple of lackluster seafood balls, an overly salted miso soup, run-of-the-mill pickles and watermelon slices.

The Tenzaru Chasoba ($20), an assortment of prawns, peppers, sweet potato and brinjal tempura was a mixed bunch of hits and misses. The tempura batter could have been thinner and lighter, and the prawns were horrendously overcooked but at least the vegetables were cooked well. The green tea soba was refreshingly good but the salad and watermelon were pedestrian.

The Otsukuri Set ($30) comprises sashimi moriawase, thickly sliced and relatively fresh, rice, soup and fruit.

We really liked the Gyu Don ($20), a rice bowl topped with stir-fried beef, dotted with caramelised onions and topped with an onsen egg.

Its poultry counterpart, the Oyako Don Set ($18) was topped with succulent chicken fillet scrambled with egg, mushrooms, and onions.

The Asari Misoshiru ($8) was sweet with the plump clams in a bean paste soup.

290 Orchard Road
Paragon B1-01
Tel: 67358887
Open daily from 11.30am to 3pm for lunch; 6pm to 11pm for dinner
Website: www.akashigroup.com.sg

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