Sauteed Spinach with Pinenuts

Spinach is one of my favourite superfoods. As baby spinach leaves are super versatile, they feature commonly in salads, or quick fries. This is possibly one of the most idiot-proof recipes in my repertoire, it barely takes 10 minutes to prep and cook! The addition of pinenuts instantly luxes this simple dish up.

2 cloves garlic, minced (put this through a garlic press to save time)
1 tbsp olive oil for frying
200gm baby spinach (plan for 100gm per person), washed and dried through a salad spinner
20 pinenuts (plan about 10 per person, or as many as you like. I usually just eyeball it and grab a handful)
Salt to taste

Directions (feeds 2)
1) Fry garlic till fragrant in olive oil.

2) Add spinach.

3) When spinach is wilted, add pinenuts. Salt to taste and serve thereafter.

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