Kaffir & Lime, Paragon

These days, our "nuah" weekends of doing absolutely nothing have become activity-filled weekends. Instead of feeling energized after the weekend like a mama bear after a winter's hibernation, I'm completely pooped. The way I see it, furniture shopping counts as retail therapy at the very least. I'm shacked out, but so happy with our purchases! We'd popped by Kaffir & Lime for a spot of lunch after running one of our gazillion errands. There wasn't a queue (unlike Din Tai Fung which had a 25-minute wait for a table!),  we know the food's pretty decent, and the service relatively speedy.

We had the Tom Yum Hed Nang Fah ($10.70), the vegetarian mushroom variation of the usual tom yum soup. I love mushrooms and I love tom yum soup so this dish married two of my favourite things into one, which made it a real winner in my book. Beware its deceptively clear appearance though, its slow burning heat caused my tummy to churn late into the night.

I'm really liking their version of the Malay-influenced Thai classic Massaman Chicken Curry ($14.90). The lusciously thick and creamily rich gravy was served with Thai pancake, which is really just a fancy name for what we know as roti prata, to wipe up all that deliciousness. 

Kaffir & Lime
290 Orchard Road
#B1-45/46 The Paragon
Tel: 6836 8417
Open daily from 11am to 10pm
Website: www.thaiexpress.com.sg/


Anonymous said...

wahhh looks yummy! I shouldn't read this at 2am, now I want supper.

Bern said...

hahahaa...i do that too! i have this friend who has a habit of posting up his suppers on fb. damn gian whenever i see crabs on my newsfeed.

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