Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, Asia Square

I love that there's an Imperial Treasure branch within strolling distance of my office. Great Cantonese fare right at my doorstep for whenever I need comfort food therapy.

While the weekday afternoons will find this restaurant packed to the brim (you absolutely have to make reservations for lunch groups of more than 2), the dinner crowd is noticeably smaller. I suppose it's because most office workers would prefer to go out of the CBD and put as much distance between them and the office once they leave work for dinner. I like that the restaurant is a lot more serene and conducive for yakking away.

So, Lips and I met up for our monthly girly dinner, sans our husbands because they were still working. Dining at Imperial Treasure at Asia Square, which is within walking distance from both their offices, would make it convenient for them to join us later. Also, we get in a private gossip session without their male judgment. 

We sipped on the Double Boiled White Cabbage Soup ($12), a vegetable-sweetened clear broth with good depth of flavour. Spongy bamboo pith soaked up the rich but delicate flavouring of the soup while fat juicy Chinese black mushrooms cut through the sweetness of the soup with its plain, woody elements.

We also had the Sauteed Chicken Fillet with Mixed Mushrooms ($16), a white meat twist on our usual beef rendition. I preferred this over the red meat version. Moist and tender breast meat was paired with plentiful shimeiji, shitake and white button varietal fungi, and coated in a wonderfully fragrant oyster sauce.

The Squid in Salted Egg Yolk ($18) was also a variation of our typical shrimp version. The scoured groves of fresh bouncy squid picked up the minute salted egg yolk grains nicely.

No visit to Imperial Treasure is replete without an order (or two!) of their Sauteed Crabmeat with Egg White ($14 per 1-person portion). Sweet, freshly shredded (not frozen!) crabmeat was simply scrambled with egg whites and drizzled with that awesome truffle oil. Just 3 ingredients for a taste of heaven.

Another must-try here is the Steamed Egg White with Mushroom ($14). Some refer to this as baby-food, but with such great flavours, who cares! Egg whites are whipped into a smooth custard, steamed to perfection then slathered in a gooey mixed mushroom gravy.

Another dish I love here is the Sauteed Sliced Grouper ($28) with the vegetable du jour, broccoli. The fish was fresh and mild and flaky, pan fried lightly with minimal seasoning to retain its natural flavour, and browned to a beautiful golden hue. Crunchy broccoli provided a contrast in texture.

For dessert, we all opted for the Mango Cream with Sago ($5), nuanced, sweet and refreshingly light. I particularly liked that the pomelo had the barest of bitter flavours to balance the sweet mangoes.

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck
8 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 1
Asia Square Food Garden #02-08
Tel: 6636 1868
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm

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