Fish & Co, Novena Square

As with our month meet-ups SOP, Adee and I drove out of the CBD to meet up with Jal at his workplace in the Novena area. To accommodate Jal's halal requirements and my craving for fish, we headed to one of our regular lunch haunts here at this sport-centric mall, Fish & Co.

Lunchtime was a bustling affair, with the restaurant more than two-thirds filled on a regular weekday lunch hour. Service was a little choppy but nothing fatal really that wouldn't warrant a return visit.  Their signature fish and chips are a must-try, as with their newly-launched variants of the classic fish and chips. According to Adee, their swordfish collar shouldn't be missed as well.

The New York Fish & Chips ($16.95) is stuffed with parmesan for extra oomph and slathered in their signature lemon butter sauce. The chips were switched out for some spiced saffron rice instead (because we're Asian, ya know?). I've always liked their classic fish and chips but the addition of salty parmesan takes it to a whole new level. Some may find it a bit of a dairy overload but I liked this. 

The Grilled Cod with Black Pepper Sauce ($14.95 as part of the lunch time set with a ho-hum salad buffet, drink and strawberry pudding) tasted a lot better than it looked. The thick black pepper gravy, whilst generic, blended well with the fatty quality of the fresh cod. I could have done without the potato mash, though. It was of the instant-mix variety, and the cream sauce was overwhelmingly rich.

Fish & Co
238 Thomson Road
#03-11 Novena Square
Tel: 6255 7001
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm
Website: www.fish-co.com


FoodieFC said...

I need to change my spectacles.. I thought that the potato mash was vanilla ice cream


Bern said...

hahahaaa, that wld have been really awful ice-cream!

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