Twelve Cupcakes

Cupcakes have never really been my thing. I'll admit, I've always preferred the savoury to the sweet. But I do like the occasional sweet treat. And I like my cheesecakes, lava cakes, and ice-cream. But, curiously enough, I've never really been too fond of cupcakes.

Until my colleague brought a dozen of those sweet little things in their signature fuchsia box to the office. She's totally made me a convert.

Twelve Cupcakes, famously owned by local celebrity husband-and-wife duo Daniel Ong and Jamie Teo, and infamously known as the shop that got into a copyright tussle with SPH for using SPH's copyrighted articles, has proven fairly successful in the local market. In a short span of a couple of years, they've opened 3 shops, all of which seem to be doing a roaring trade.

Having gotten a taste of their yummy cupcakes, I got the Hubs to buy half a dozen of their cupcakes to sample further. I can totally understand why they are doing so well. Their cupcakes are dense, compact and moist in texture, with a rich but balanced sweetness. One of the best cupcakes, if not the best, around. Priced at $3 per cupcake, it may be considered a little pricey, but that small little thing does fill you up. Your sweet tooth can be satiated with just one cupcake.

From the classics menu, where you get these flavours everyday, the Chocolate Chocolate ($3 each but $17 if you order half a dozen) with chocolate cream cheese on chocolate cupcake is my faves. Love those crunchy chocolate balls.

My other fave, the PB Chocolate ($3) is a peanut butter and chocolate laced topping on a chocolate cupcake. Hands up who ate peanut butter out of a jar coz I did!

The Vanilla Chocolate ($3) with vanilla cream cheese on chocolate cupcake.

The Cookies and Cream ($3) Oreos crumbles infused buttercream topping on a chocolate cupcake.

The quintessentially American Red Velvet ($3) with vanilla cream cheese on classic red velvet cupcake.

And from the specials menu, which isn't available everyday, there's the Apple Cinnamon ($3), the Hubs' favourite.This is such an in-season Autumn flavour!

And the Bailey's Chocolate ($3), a bailey's-tinged cream on a chocolate cupcake. Just for the grown ups.

Twelve Cupcakes
Bugis Junction B1-03B
Open daily from 10am to 10pm
Website: www.twelvecupcakes.com


FoodieFC said...

I like their cupcakes too!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a must-try!

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