The Marmalade Pantry, Ion Orchard

I'm so loving August. 2 long weekends, 2 whole 4-day work weeks, it's just awesome! I've always thought we should just mandate 4-day work weeks, with 3-day weekends for all to savour and enjoy. We'd all be much happier that way. Of course, this is just an idealistic dream, because the economics of it all don't allow for such a work-life structure. Oh well, we'll just have to make do with that elusive public holiday-assisted long weekend!

We took advantage of the long weekend to sleep in late, and took some time out of our comfy bed to enjoy a leisurely brunch at The Marmalade Pantry at Ion Orchard. It's a bit of a pretentious poser place, but so long as you don't let that bother you, you'll find that the food here is pretty alright.

The Egg White Omelette ($18) stuffed with feta cheese, accompanied by spinach and tomato concasse is a dieter's dream. Salty feta imparted just enough flavour to cut through the plainness of the fluffy egg whites.

The Eggs Any Style ($20), done to a perfectly semi-runny sunny side up, was served with a chunky fat English sausage, juicy sauteed shitake mushrooms, half a roasted tomato, and homemade baked beans and a couple slices of whole wheat toast. I don't understand one thing though, why The Marmalade Pantry loves parsley on everything! I had the hardest time picking out all the little green bits.

We thought we'd add a plate of greens to share and up our fibre intake, but as it turns out, the Crab Caesar ($22) with pine nuts and parmasan was huge! We could hardly finish it. We asked for dressing to be on the side because I'm really not a fan of caesar salad dressing. That said, I thought the crabmeat could have been fresher. It reeked slightly of that frozen seafood aftertaste.

The Marmalade Pantry
2 Orchard Turn
Ion Orchard
Tel: 6734 2700
Open daily from 10am to 10pm
Website: www.themarmaladepantry.com


muchadoabouteating said...

"We should just mandate 4-day work weeks, with a 3-day weekend for all to savour and enjoy. We'd all be much happier that way" How I love and agree with these words but yet the workaholic in me know I will never be able to do it. Will just work at night and work from home ;P

Bern said...

Yeah, it's like how we work past the 9-5 official working hours because there's work that needs to be done!

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