Fish & Co, Novena Square

Now that Jal's new workplace is in the Novena area, Adee and I went over from our offices at City Hall and Shenton respectively to meet up with him for our standing monthly lunch date. We've been to almost every eatery at Funan over the past year and it was time for a "change of scenery" anyway.

Jal suggested Fish & Co at Novena Square for its halal certification, and the restaurant was doing a bustling lunch hour. While service seemed understaffed and a little harassed, the staff were fairly efficient and quick on their feet. Food-wise, I think that apart from their standard fish & chips selections, the rest of the dishes are quite unimpressive.

The Baked Pollock ($14.90) with Mediterranean sauce, from off the Set Lunch Menu (set comes with a very snooze-worthy salad buffet, dessert and soft drink), was a very no-fuss dish. The potato mash tasted generic and straight out of an instant mix box, and the fish looked awfully tiny. You're better off ordering from the ala carte menu, the portions are more substantive at only a slightly higher pricetag, and extras that come along with the set lunches are so not worth it anyway.

Jal got the Grilled White Fish ($15.95) with coriander sauce, which I totally hated. Primarily because of the liberal layer of pounded coriander leaves atop the fish. Even Jal thought that the coriander totally overwhelmed the mild-tasting fish.

Fish & Co
238 Thomson Road
#03-11 Novena Square
Tel: 6255 7001
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm
Website: www.fish-co.com

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