Siang Hee Restaurant

Siang Hee is our current go-to spot for cheapo but deliciously satisfying meals. We have at least half our meals here. What's not to like? Easy-on-the-wallet prices (which, with today's alarming inflation rates, is such a rare find), check. Yummy, honest-to-goodness food that isn't loaded with MSG or salt, check. Value-for-money proportions, check. Central convenient location at Zion Road (until after Chinese New Year 2012, that is. They're moving to Commonwealth Food Centre then), check.

The Hotplate Beancurd ($8) arrived with the loosely scrambled egg sizzling on the griddle is one of the best versions around. I hate it when a supposedly hotplate dish is served on a cast-iron plate that isn't pre-heated, what's the point then of serving it on a "hotplate" or calling it a "hotplate" dish? This was very good, and we loved pricking the half-done unbroken egg yolk and smearing it over the rest of the ingredients. Good flavours and textures in the dish, with crunchy sugar snap peas, juicy mushrooms, bouncy mince and diced prawns and silky wobbly egg beancurd.

The piece de resistance in the Spinach with Mushroom ($8) has gotta be the luscious and thick tasty brown gravy slathered over the soft greens and juicy braised mushrooms.

The Claypot Chicken with Salted Fish ($8) managed to not be too salty, even without pairing it with plain white rice. You can still taste the accents of the salted fish though, but it was more like a guest-star than a recurring actor on a TV series. A whiff and that was it. The wing part of the chicken was used, succulent but a little bony. This was kept nuanced with lots of ginger, onions and fresh spring onions.

The Crispy Shrimp Dough ($8) really wasn't quite what I expected. Very flaky and airy, the crust was a mix of beancurd skin and flour, with hints of chilli and spring onions for extra oomph. Shrimp was pounded and made into a lightly chewy fishcake-like filling and sandwiched between the layers of pastry.

The Mongolian Pork Ribs ($8) was also very unique, it's like their marmite pork, but the pork was coated in flour and then fried instead, and the sauce was distinctively different. It was all at once tangy, mildly spiced and savoury. Definitely a must-try here.

Siang Hee Restaurant
Blk 89 Zion Road #01-137
Tel: 9736 4067
Open daily from 11am to 10.30pm
Closed once every 3 weeks on Tuesdays

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