Pariaman Warong Nasi

Sunil and Subhas first introduced this nasi padang stalwart to me when I was still doing my pupillage. It's one of their all-time favourite spots for nasi padang, and really, the snaking lunchtime queue speaks volumes of its popularity. However, having recently revisited it, I really don't see the fuss with this particular nasi padang eatery. Of all the many nasi padang restaurants littered along Kandahar Street, Pariaman is my least favourite. The variety of dishes is limited, dishes tend towards the delicate, and for all the rave reviews this place gets, their food is quite underwhelming. Mind you, I'm not saying that the food's bad. I'm just saying that the food just doesn't tickle my fancy. In my opinion, Rumah Makan Minang, Sabar Menanti and Hjh Maimunah serve up much better food. Of course, as I've said before, Minang is still the best for nasi padang.

Unless you can't take spice and prefer your nasi padang very mild. You'll do well eating at Pariaman then. Their food is a lot milder than what I'm used to at the other eateries. Even Ernie, who usually breaks into a sweat eating just Nonya-style chicken curry, barely sniffled eating at Pariaman.

That said, I do have to say one thing though, this place is really quite dirt-cheap. An entire meal consisting 6 dishes for 3 persons cost barely $30. Another thing to note is to hit the eatery early, like before noon, because they sell out real fast.

Despite the chilli seeds and fiery appearance of this dish, the Fried Batang Fish with Sambal was surprisingly mild. The sambal was more tangy than spicy, but it lent itself well to the clear salty taste of the fried fish. The Fiance detected a hint of fishiness, but I didn't.

The Omelette is a must-try here. It's cooked upon order, so you won't see it over the ordering counter. This was fluffy and choc-a-bloc with mildly peppery green chillis and sweet caramelized onions.

The Sayur Lodeh, was unexpectedly mild, Pariaman does a very mild and watery version of what we're typically used to, with only long beans, a couple of sliced carrots and firm beancurd as the central ingredients. Not my cup of tea and strictly for people who can't take spicy food.

The Beef Rendang was good though, moist, fork-tender full-bodied meat that was thoroughly braised and packed with flavour, spicy, nutty and robust.

The Curry Chicken was also one of the more typical Padang dishes, the gravy was creamy, rich and loaded with enough heat and spice, while the chicken was juicy and well-marinated. 

The Fried Long Beans with Beancurd was quite an unusual dish, crunchy diced long beans were paired with beancurd cubes, flavourful ikan bilis and a light peppery sambal for an addictive nibbler.

Pariaman Warong Nasi
738 North Bridge Road
Kampong Glam Conservation Area
Tel: 6292 5958
Open Mondays to Saturdays from 7.30am to 3.30pm, closed Sundays


FoodieFC said...

I beg to differ, love the food here. It's Fried Long Beans with Beancurd is so addictive. Once you start eating you can never stop.

Upon reading your post, I have to agree that it is not very spicy (maybe that is why I like the food here)

Well taste is subjective =)

Bern said...

FoodieFC, you're absolutely right that taste is subjective. It's like how so many people told me that the food is Bali is amazing, but I personally found Balinese food too bland and mild for my liking!

yx said...

i love pariaman's omelette... to die for!

Anonymous said...

I personally prefer stuff that burn all the way in....and all the way out....s looks like Pariaman aint for me.


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