Asia Square Food Garden

With the Marina Bay area being developed into the next prime business district, there have been a slew of new food options. Asia Square Tower, a new-ish office building with retail and F&B outlets, has just launched a novel-concept food court. Instead of the usual food court stalls, they've managed to convince big-ish-name restaurants to set up stall fronts here. The loft-like food court, located on the second floor, boasts an airy, roof-garden feel, and notable names like Imperial Treasure Windows on HK, western franchises like Canadian burger chain Triple O's and Astons Specialties, Asian favourites like Toastbox and Manna Korea, and for those looking to eat light and healthy, Fresh+ Salads and The Soup Spoon.

Because of its proximity to the office, I'll definitely be back in this food court. 

I've always liked the food at Imperial Treasure, so I was delighted to find that they've got a stall serving cha chan teng cuisine here.

With the North-East monsoon season upon us, a piping hot bowl of soupy Wanton Noodles ($8) was just the fix to comfort your insides on a cold wet day. Springy egg noodles, bouncy fresh wantons floating in a densely flavoured, albeit MSG-laced, prawn broth was all it took to warm out tummies.

The Soya Chicken and Roasted Duck Rice ($9.50) with moist flavourful meats and a drizzling of delicate soya sauce over plain white rice, was simple, fast and substantial. 

The Wanton Soup ($8) was standard fare of Imperial Treasure, 6 good-sized wantons in silky soft skin.

I loved the decadently indulgent Roasted Pork ($7). Crisp skin, a nice sliver of fat and salty meat.

The Barbecued Pork ($7) was done well, sliced thickly, tender and sweetish, with a generous helping of watery soya sauce slathered over it.

Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong 

Asia Square Food Garden
8 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 1
Level 2
Open weekdays from 9am to 9pm


Anonymous said...

the wanton noodles look good but for 8 bucks, a bit difficult to swallow for food court (no matter how swank). I hope you don't need to use tissue packs to reserve seats.


Bern said...

I don't think this was meant to be a food court with food court prices. This is more like a combination of restaurants, all located in the same spot but with seating like a food court, so they all retain their own price points.

Yes it's advised to bring tissue packets.

Anonymous said...

Mr J and the Prof packed lunch back from the Imperial joint. It was still edible and good. And there were lots of condiments, sweet soy sauce, mustard for the roast pork, but no kimchi.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Prof,

Why is no kimchi? Kimchi good with the nuudle. Kimchi best korae food. you must ask for kimchi evrytime you eat nuudle.

You never answer my question about camel egg. So rude.

Jong Un

Anonymous said...

Hi Jong Un

There is no kimchi because the stall serves chinese food, not korean food. There is another stall selling korean food at the place but I have not eaten there yet. I think they will have kimchi.

Oh, i forgot to answer your question. We cannot get camel eggs here in Singapore. They cannot be imported due to health regulations.


Anonymous said...

The customer service very poor. The waitress is so rude and she seriously has an attitude problem.

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