Food Junction, Funan Digitalife Mall

I make it point to call Jal out for lunch or coffee every time I'm at the High Court. His office is directly opposite the High Court so it's really convenient to meet up. Plus, Funan, which is full of coffee joints and restaurants, is just right around the corner of both his office and the High Court. Today, I managed to get a hold of him during the lunch hour so we headed to the food court for lunch.

From the Malay stall, Jal got the Ayam Penyet ($6.50). Although the sambal was kickass, the chicken was dry and tough and tasteless on the inside, even if the skin was crisp, fatty and devilishly delicious. This needed a lot of the sweetish fiery sambal to get through. Oh well, it is food court standard afterall.

From the chicken rice stall, I got the Chicken Macaroni Soup ($4), a piping hot bowl of homestyled comfort food. I was feeling under the weather and this slightly MSG-tinged chicken broth hit the spot. It was delicate, light and just the right amount of flavour. I opted for a thigh portion of the poached chicken instead of the usual shredded chicken breast, much juicier and less dry. Macaroni was done al dente, soft with the barest bit of bite. I actually do crave this stall's chicken macaroni soup whenever I'm sick. They do a really swell rendition!

I supplemented the chicken macaroni soup with a side of Soya Braised Egg ($0.70) and a portion of the Roasted Pork ($4). While the soya braised egg was fairly standard, the roasted pork was a disappointment. The skin was rock hard, and the meat waaaaay too fatty.

Food Junction
109 North Bridge Road
Funan Digitalife Mall 
5th Floor

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