Cinnabon, Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand

Krispy Kreme has hit the Thai capital. Now, you may wonder why I'm talking about Krispy Kreme when this post is titled "Cinnabon". Well,we chanced upon Krispy Kreme while shopping at Siam Paragon and were ecstatically queuing up for a sugary glazed donut (to share between ourselves so we wouldn't throw off our entire pre-wedding diet-and-exercise regime), but then we googled the calorie count of this sweet treat, and changed our minds.

You know, if not for the wedding, we would have gone all out and stuffed ourselves silly on this trip to Bangkok. But, as with any other couple on the planet, we want to look our best for the wedding, and so, we've embarked on a year-long diet-and-exercise regime to get into shape. No shortcuts or crash diets for us. It's all about consistency and discipline.

Then, we came upon Cinnabon. Okay, we didn't see it as much as we smelt it. And then gravitated towards it. The sweet smell of baked cinnamon and fresh warm pastry really did us in.

Remember when cinnamon buns were all the rage in Singapore? You couldn't walk 100 metres and not hit a cinnamon bun shop, complete with snaking queues and all. But, like all the other million-and-one food fads, cinnamon bun shops left our shores as quickly as they took root. Apart from that one lonely shop in the basement of Great World City, I don't quite see any more cinnamon bun shops in Singapore.

I've always liked cinnamon buns, they're fluffy and incredibly aromatic. It's been a while since i last had a cinnamon bun. We shared a mini-sized, appropriately-named Minibon (49 Baht), and it was delicious. Fresh out of the oven, it was piping hot, fluffy, sweet and totally satisfying. A little tiny treat that went a long way to hitting the sweet spot.

991 Rama 1 Rd
Siam Paragon Food Hall
Ground Floor
Pathum Wan 
Bangkok 10330

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Anonymous said...

Thanks I was searching for it in bangkok but no one here was undrestand me , they guide me to the cenima , the exact location of it is behind the TOAST BOX , in front of the TOAST BOX are the elevators and the stairs. Also Bangkok Bank ATM machine

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