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We had dinner here after our marriage preparation class. I just think that marriage prep is so important for any relationship. I think if couples took the time to explore the lessons learned from a marriage prep class, they'd acquire communication and conflict management skills that'll do their marriage justice. Sure, a number of couples break up after attending such classes, but seriously, isn't it better to realise BEFORE marriage that you two are just not suitable for each other, than to realise it after the marriage that you both bring out the worst in each other?

It's just that I see so many people get married without having discussed so many important issues, either because they weren't smart enough to even think of such issues in the first place, or worse, they thought it was "unromantic" to talk about the serious "boring" stuff. I mean, some couples haven't even talked about whether they are having kids, or who's going to take care of the kids if they are having kids, or whether to have a joint account, or to have separate finances, before deciding to get married! 

I'm not saying that attending a marriage prep class guarantees the longevity of a marriage, but it sure helps a couple gain life-skills that are required for a better marriage. Also, it encourages a couple to talk/iron out the details and practical aspects of a married life. It's only through all these discussions that a couple gets to really know each other and whether they are truly made for each other. The list of marriage prep courses available for 2011 is here.

Tung Lok Signatures is my favourite restaurant under the Tung Lok empire. Their food is refined and elegant, usually with a uniquely modern twist to the traditional classics. Plus, the view of the night-time Singapore river is very romantic, perfect for a late dinner after a marriage prep class.

The Fried Beansprouts ($20) with jellyfish, cuttlefish, red and green capsicum was a case of one too many ingredients. There was absolutely no need for julienned ginger to have been added to this otherwise perfectly executed dish. The heat of ginger just threw off the taste of the entire dish.

I loved the rich, strong, savoury elements of the Braised Pork Belly with Salted Fish ($20). This was robust and heady, with thick black oyster goo accented by spicy dried red chillis and fresh spring onions and tart onions cutting through the grease. Indulgent, fatty and perfect for ladling over steaming hot white rice.

The Steamed Chicken ($20) traditional-style with bean dough wasn't what we expected, though it was a nice surprise. Chicken chunks were tender, smooth and moist, with red dates lending a nuanced sweetness to the soy and ginger adding heat to the otherwise heavy salty sauce. The flavours just balanced out beautifully.

Tung Lok Signatures
The Central #02-88
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Tel: 6336 6022
Opening Hours
Lunch: 11.30am to 3.00pm (Mon to Sat); 11.00am to 3.30pm (Sun & PHs)
Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.30pm (Daily)
Website: www.tungloksignatures.com/


Joanna said...

Hi there,

Have been an avid reader of yours. Agree with you on the importance of marriage preparation classes :)

Am in the midst of sourcing around and overwhelmed by the choices. Just interested to know which ones are you attending?

Thanks lots!

Bern said...

Hi Joanna,

We attend the one organised by my church, because apparently, the course is compulsory if you want the pastors to marry you.

For some couples, they go to the ones organised by their churches, because it incorporates a religious element.

If you are a freethinker, then it's best to go through the list on the link in the blog post. We also attended the one organised by EMCC (Eagles Mediation Counselling Centre, I think) at Liang Court. Most because they conduct an in-depth personality test and they are so close to the CBD, so we can head over straight after work.

Factors like the location of the course (somewhere near both your workplaces or homes would be ideal), the number of classes (my church one was 9 whole weeks but the EMCC one was only 4 weeks), the cost, and the syllabus (some have personality tests and some don't, go for one that conduct such tests) should be considered when you are deciding on which courses to take.

Hope the above helps!

If you need more info, email me at bernice_t@hotmail.com

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