Meidi-Ya Supermarket Food Basement

The food basement of Meidi-Ya supermarket at Liang Court is well known (to the Japanese community, at least) for its authentic and cheap Japanese fare. The entire area is split up into different food stations. There's one for udon, another for sushi, and other Japanese one-dish meals like dons, and ramen noodles. Diners either sit at the island counters surrounding the food station and order directly with the chef, or get their food served to the dining tables scattered around the entire area. It's all so functional, utilitarian and neat. Classically Japanese.

We got the California Roll Sushi ($6), and despite its less than perfect presentation, was stellar in taste.

The sushi rice had that delectable moist quality about it, and the ingredients were all so fresh and yummy.We'll be back.

Meidi-Ya Supermarket Food Basement
177 River Valley Road
Liang Court Shopping Centre B1
Tel: 6339 1111


Anonymous said...

The Prof would like to know whether you used a geiger counter to check the food before you ate.

Bern said...

Aiya, no need la! No raw fish anyway. At most, we just have deformed babies. Waitaminute, we're NOT having any kids, so no worries! hahaa.

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