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Update September 2016: Jane Thai has moved east to 41 East Coast Road, at 6966 5187, open Mons to Sat from 11.30am to 2.30pm; 5.30pm to 10.30pm

Of all my best men, Long is the most difficult to catch up with because he works the longest hours. And also because he's the hardest worker lah. So as soon as he gets a little free time, I'll make room for him in my schedule to meet up. This time round, the Fiance came along to have dinner with us, and we brought Long to have Thai food at Orchard Towers. It's cheap, authentic and always such a "colourful" experience eating at the populated-with-katoeys-and-American-military-men and filled-with-go-go-bars-and-massage-parlours shopping centre.

As usual, we tried ordering the Pandan Chicken ($10), which is seldom available (the menu does state that you need to check for availability of this popular dish). And today of all days, it was! 

Juicy morsels of tender flavoursome chicken, lightly spiced for a bit of kick, were wrapped in pandan leaves for extra aroma.

We also got the Tom Yum Talay ($10) the classic Thai spicy seafood soup with plentiful mussels, prawns, squid, fish. Very spicy and very sour. They sometimes tone down the spice level of their dishes, so you've got to specify that you can take the heat if you prefer your food spicier.

At the waitress' recommendation, we ordered the BBQ Pork ($10) which was deceptively delicious. The well-marinated pork slices was grilled to a smoky perfection, but it wasn't dried out. It was still moist on the inside with a delectable charred exterior.

Jane Thai Food
400 Orchard Road
#04-30 Orchard Towers
Tel: 9054 4219
Open 6pm to 4am

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